Jul 28 2009

DotNetShoutout and DotNetKicks extensions for BlogEngine.NET

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At the end of every .NET post I include counter buttons to DotNetKicks.com and DotNetShoutout.com. At first I manually created these buttons by copying some code from these sites after the post was submitted to them, however this quickly became tiresome. Now I just write [ kickit ] and [ shout ] (without the spaces!) at the end of the post to get these buttons.


In order to generate the DotNetKicks button I found an extension created by Sean Blakemore, described in this blog post. This extension was both simple and worked great!


Inspired by the work of Sean, I created a similar extension for DotNetShoutout. If you want this functionality on your own blog then download the zip-file at the end of this post, unzip it, and finally upload the cs-file to the App_Code/Extensions catalog of your BlogEngine.NET installation.

kick it on DotNetKicks.com Shout it

As you can see above they both work :)

DotNetShoutout.zip (751.00 bytes)